Get Closer to the Beach in a Condo

by Admin,Posted on January 2, 2015


Living in South Florida offers many benefits, including sunny weather and great culture, nightlife, shopping, and dining, along with plenty other positives. However, if there is one thing that rises above the rest as a perk that just can’t be ignored, it is the beaches. The beaches along the Atlantic coast in South Florida are among the most beautiful in the world. People come from all over to see these beaches and spend time relaxing under the sun next to the incredible blue waters of the ocean. To live anywhere near these beaches would be a great opportunity, but to live right next to them is simply a chance that you can’t pass up.

Of course, there is one significant problem with living right next to any of the stunning South Florida beaches – the price tag. To purchase a home with beach access anywhere in South Florida is going to require a budget well into the millions. No matter how badly you wish to live close to the beach in the Miami area, that is a cost that very few people are able to afford. So, do you have to give up on the dream of living next to the beach? Not so fast.

Browse the Condo Market

There is a good reason why so many new condo buildings have popped up along the Florida coast – they offer more affordable ownership opportunities to a greater number of buyers. Rather than owning an entire home on a beachfront property, you can purchase a unit within a large condo building for a fraction of the price. Owning a condo along the coast still isn’t cheap, by any means, but it is within reach for many more buyers than is the prospect of owning a home.

In addition to making ownership more realistic for more people, there are other advantages of buying a condo unit along the coast. For one, if you purchase a unit on a higher floor, the view will be even better than what you could get from a traditional single family home. Also, there are likely a number of amenities that come along with condos, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, and more that you may not find in a house. While the amenities and costs will vary from building to building, they can make coastal living even more attractive.

You don’t have to get in your car to drive to the beach just because you can’t afford a multi-million dollar beachfront home. Instead, make your home in a condo building and walk right out the door and onto the beach. Shop the condo real estate Sunny Isles has to offer to learn more about what is possible for your budget. Decorus Realty will be happy to help you track down the perfect property in South Florida that presents you with the lifestyle and location that you are looking for. Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon!


South Florida Condo Ownership Is a Great Retirement Transition

by Admin,Posted on December 26, 2014


It’s no secret that the greater Miami area is a great place to retire. Most people look for warm and sunny weather in their retirement years, and South Florida has plenty of it to go around. Also, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy after retiring, such as golf, tennis, swimming, walking the beach, and plenty more. As far as retirement destinations go, they don’t get much more attractive than the cities of South Florida.

With that in mind, why would you want to wait until retirement to spend some great time in South Florida taking advantage of all of those activities mentioned above? While you might not be able to move here full time just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t start transitioning to the Florida lifestyle years in advance. By purchasing a great condo for sale in South Florida prior to your retirement, you can use it as a vacation home for now, and as a full-time retirement home later on. This plan is popular for a number of reasons, and it can help you inch that much closer to your retirement.

Get Your Place Ready

Often when purchasing a second home, you will find that there needs to be work done on the inside to make it feel like home to you. Whether you are just adding new furnishings, or have decided to do a complete remodel, take the time to complete those tasks now, before you retire and decide to move in full time. You may find the projects more affordable while you are still working, and you can have some of the work done while you aren’t present so the project doesn’t affect your lifestyle too significantly. Taking this approach to buying your retirement home will help you to both enjoy South Florida prior to retiring and to make sure that the home is fully ready for you once that retirement date finally arrives.

Consider It a Test Drive

Many residents of the Northeast consider moving to Florida after they retire, but some have trouble deciding if they want to move on a full-time basis, or just for the winter months. To help you make that decision, purchase your condo unit before you retire and take as many trips down to South Florida during the year as possible. The more time you spend in the area, the better you will be able to decide if you are going to be a full-time Florida resident or one that visits for the winter. Both approaches can lead to a happy retirement, so you will simply have to figure out which is best for you and your family.

Decorus Realty has worked with many people who are getting ready to retire, and who are looking for the right condo unit to fit their needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you as you get ready to purchase a new condo unit in the South Florida area to prepare for your upcoming retirement years.


Improving Your Health through Florida Condo Living

by Admin,Posted on December 19, 2014


There are a lot of advantages to living in a condo as well as to living in Southern Florida. Combine condo living with Southern Florida living, and the only real question to ask yourself is why you didn’t do it sooner. Now you can browse South Florida condos and enjoy the ides of condo living coupled with a better level of personal health.

Better Breathing through Higher Humidity

If you have issues with your breathing, and you live in a dry area or even an area that doesn’t carry a high level of humidity, you’ll enjoy the humid air of Florida. Since the Florida air carries its own set of pollens, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the allergens you currently do. In fact, if you have had a dry, nagging cough for any length of time, you’ll notice a difference before you get as far as Southern Florida.

Raise Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is one of the most common vitamins that people run short on. Getting it through your diet is the hardest way to get it. 15-20 minutes of sunshine is a much faster way to help your body produce vitamin D. The warm Florida climate will encourage you to get outside more, but condo living also makes you feel safer about walking out that door. As you look for a South Florida condo for sale, take a good look at the level of luxury and exclusivity that a condo can present. This kind of atmosphere makes you feel safe about taking walks on pristine sidewalks in your community or enjoying one of the nearby lakes or parks. This is the kind of living you can’t do just anywhere.

Get Healthy on Your Own Terms

Once you start being able to breathe better and enjoy sunshine on a regular basis, you’ll notice that you already feel more energetic. It isn’t your imagination. It’s the impact of year round sunshine and the ability to step outside when you want to. Since you do feel more energetic, why not go with it?

There are plenty of things to do outside in Southern Florida, but don’t forget to take advantage of the amenities that your condo community offers you, as well. You’ll enjoy glistening pools, spas, weight rooms, workout equipment and, in some cases, you will have access to a personal trainer who can create a workout program to fit your lifestyle.

If you are tired of feeling unhealthy, you hate the cabin fever that comes on every winter, and you want to feel energetic enough to take up some old hobbies and learn about some new ones, it may be that a change in location is all you need. Keep in mind that it’s not just fresh air and sunshine; it’s living by the kind of people you want to be near. If you don’t want to listen to the sounds of children playing after school, look into adult-only condos. On the other hand, if you crave the sounds of children laughing while they play, look into condos designed for family living. Once you live in surroundings you enjoy, you’ll find that your level of health goes higher as your stress level gets lower.


Why Shop Florida Pre-Construction?

by Admin,Posted on December 12, 2014


Whether you’re shopping for Aventura condos for sale, or shopping in another area of Florida, you may as well invest in Aventura pre-construction rather than condos that are already built. From the elegant gate to the cabana baths, and everything in between, there are tons of advantages to buying during the pre-construction phase.

Take Your Time

While it’s a good idea to make your decision early on and get in during pre-construction, you don’t have to be in any kind of hurry to move. During pre-construction you can take your time and make your plans in detail because you don’t have an empty condo waiting on you. Instead, you’ll be among the elite who do get in early, but you’ll be able to do it at your leisure and in style.

Ease into the Community

If you are a very outgoing person, you might enjoy moving into a place that is already full of residents who have made themselves at home and know all the local hot spots. However, when you buy your condo before anyone is in the building, you all start out on the same level, so no one has any kind of seniority issues. Sometimes it’s easier to make friends when they don’t feel like you are coming into their territory, but instead feel like you are all making yourselves at home together.

Nothing Is Quite as Satisfying as Brand New

No matter where you buy your home, it always feels better to be the first one to live in it. While you can certainly rely on the Aventura condos to be well taken care of, buying new condos for sale means you have that fantastic feeling of being the first owner and making your own impression on the living space. You’ll also get to enjoy the comprehensive builder warranty that comes with buying during the pre-construction phase of the project.

Enjoy the Resort Atmosphere

You’ve likely been to a high-end resort that always looks as if everything in it is brand new. Why not enjoy that same luxury resort feeling in your own condo? These condos are all about exclusivity and luxury, so you’ll get to enjoy everything from the exquisite cabana baths and sparkling swimming pool, to the walking trails, jogging trails, and surrounding lakes that all make you feel as if you are on a full time vacation. You can’t get that kind of feeling just anywhere, and one of the best parts about it is that everyone around you feels the exact same way, so you can carry that sparkling glow without any kind of repercussions.

The truth is that the Florida condo market is booming. The people who enjoy hi-end living are finding out just what a pleasure places like Aventura can be to live in. If you have the chance to plan your move now, during the pre-construction phase, you’ll have every advantage. Why decide between limited options when you can make your own options instead, by planning ahead?


Florida Quarterly Market Summary – Quarter 3

by Admin,Posted on November 28, 2014


Taking a look at the year-to-year market summary for Florida shows an increase in activity across the board. This can be an indication of the housing market and economy continuing to recover from the recession, as both median and average sales are on the rise. The growth seen in the third quarter this year is a good indication for Q4 numbers as the industry prepares for 2015. Some numbers that stand out for housing in Florida include:

  • 5.3 percent increase in active listings this year compared to the same period in 2013
  • The average sale price this quarter was nearly $3,500 more than Q3 last year
  • The highest percentage of international sales in Florida were in the Miami/Miami Beach area

Taking into account the various levels of activity in sales throughout Florida will help you find the right time to sell and the right place to purchase, moving forward.


Benefits of Buying South Florida Real Estate through a Realtor

by Admin,Posted on November 21, 2014



Are you shopping for your dream home? South Florida real estate is as plentiful as it is diverse, so it won’t be hard to find what you are looking for, hopefully at a price that works within your budget. However, if your first decision is whether to buy your real estate from a private party or to hire a realtor, you might be interested to learn some of the reasons why a realtor might be the better option for you. Whether you are shopping for condos in Sunny Isles or a single family house in Aventura Beach, a realtor gives you options you just won’t find anywhere else.

More Choices

First of all, the most obvious reason to hire a realtor is the fact that you get far more options to choose from. In fact, you narrow your own choices when you select the area you want to shop with a realtor. Sunny Isles, Aventura, and just about every other area of Florida has its own benefits. If you already have the area you want to live in picked out, a realtor who specializes in that area will be able to help you narrow down your options while still offering you plenty of variety.

It isn’t just that a professional knows the area better than most other people, either. It’s the fact that sometimes realtors have the inside scoop on who wants to sell their home, but who didn’t want it listed. Let’s face it — an individual generally offers you one option. Even if that home looks like the perfect one for you, there are still other perks only a realtor can offer.

Full Disclosure

It may not be that an individual would go out of their way to avoid telling you some of the details that a professional would know have to be revealed. Individuals simply don’t always know the requirements and other details involved in selling a home, so they may inadvertently omit information that could be the deciding point for you (or any other potential buyer).

Financing and Negotiations

What if you want some changes before you buy the home? Maybe you want to negotiate some of the appliances, or even just the price itself. It’s not that you can’t do this with an individual who is selling a home, but a professional makes a living at it, so why not let them do what they do best?

Financing falls into a similar category. Perhaps you already know where you want to go for the financing, but it never hurts to learn about more options. Realtors have dealt with various lending institutions, so they may be able to point you in the right direction. That means you will have more options in terms of financing, as well as details like down payments and insurance.

The simplest way to put it is that a realtor does far more for you than just sell you a house. They want you to be happy with what you get, because you are the best method of advertisement in a suffering housing market. In turn, you get to reap all the benefits that come from hiring someone to find you exactly what you are looking for in terms of a new home.

Enjoy Safety and Luxury in One Setting

by Admin,Posted on November 14, 2014



With the economy in such horrible shape, people are more concerned about safety in their own homes. The Southern Florida area has enough to offer so that it may not be in the economic slump that the rest of the country is, but there are still challenges to face. You work hard and want to enjoy your lifestyle without safety concerns. That’s why you’ll be happy to learn about some of the luxury and safety features that await you as you shop for Sunny Isles real estate.

Condo or House?

There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to Sunny Isles real estate. From gated communities with single family homes to condos with exclusive guidelines, you’ll find luxurious accommodations in either type of home. When it comes to security, the gated communities with single family homes offer a high level of security, and you can always add security features of your own beyond the check-in point. However, condos like the ones at the Turnberry Ocean Colony offer a whole other level of security along with their elegant accommodations.

Exclusive Entry

The Turnberry Ocean Colony condos were designed with individual exclusivity in mind. That means that not just anyone can gain access to the building, and each floor is limited to just four residents, with the penthouse floors only housing three residents.

To enter the grounds, all visitors must first go through the main gate, which is monitored every hour of the day, every day of the year. Once inside, a doorman and subtle security team monitor the lounge, along with a full staff that is devoted to meeting your needs. And the security still doesn’t stop there.

In order to access the elevator, a key card is necessary to use the computer-operated system. Yet, visitors still don’t have free rein, because each condo has its own private security system.

Everything You Need in One Place

Once inside, it’s hard to find a reason to leave the building, so you can enjoy many activities without ever having to venture off the grounds. Turnberry offers plenty in the way of exercise and entertainment, even if you want to host your own party.

Enjoy keeping in shape by using one of the available personal fitness trainers with the fitness rooms or pools. Relax afterwards with a massage or dinner by the included beach. Don’t forget to maintain your personal style by taking advantage of the beauty salon on the grounds.

Opt for a gourmet dinner with an oceanside view, or enjoy a relaxing evening in the cocktail lounge. There is even an exclusive dining room available for residents who want to host their own private get-togethers. A card room offers the perfect getaway where you can socialize and discuss the day’s events. If you do feel like going out, make use of the available limousine service.

Security and luxury combine to create the perfect balance to meet the needs of your active lifestyle. On top of it all, your condo will be located oceanside where you can enjoy all that Sunny Isles has to offer.

How Florida Condos Can Save You Money

by Admin,Posted on November 7, 2014


Florida is already a hotspot for all sorts of people. If you want diversity, this is the place to be. Just about every ethnic group is represented in this area, and now is the perfect time for you to enjoy it. As you consider a new home, South Florida should be at the top of your list, but if you really want to get the most for your money, you might consider South Florida condos for sale before you consider other housing options.

Luxury condos

Weather the Storm

For all the benefits Florida has to offer, there is the issue of extreme weather. High temperatures and humidity can take their toll on any home. This is one of the biggest ways that condos can save you money in housing costs.

Consider the structure of a home. It’s the exterior that has to be able to weather a storm and that can mean a lot of maintenance. It can also mean expensive building materials as you find that stone and brick are often the best building supplies for areas with extreme weather. When it comes to condos, this isn’t even a consideration.

Your responsibility begins and ends with the interior of your condo, potentially including exterior elements like keeping your balcony clean. What you never have to worry about is the exterior of the structure itself. These buildings are made of the highest quality materials, but, since the exterior materials don’t have to encapsulate every home individually, fewer materials go further. This can bring the overall cost down and allow for more of the costs to be associated with interior amenities. As the buyer, this means you get to enjoy more of your home with no concerns about exterior costs.

Reduced Cost of Living

Many people associate condominiums with high prices. While a quality condominium is going to fetch a fair price, it’s the condo itself that you will be putting your money into, not the cost of maintaining it or simply living in it.

Since condos occupy one building, that means that they also share well-insulated wall space and/or floor/ceiling space. What that means for you is that rather than trying to heat or cool one building against the elements, your well insulated home is simply trying to maintain a temperature within a larger unit trying to maintain a temperature. In other words, instead of trying to cool off 2,000 sq. ft. immersed in 100 degree temperatures, you’re trying to maintain a cool temperature in a home immersed in cool temperatures. you want to put more of your time and money into living your life instead of maintaining your home or comfort level inside your home, condominiums are the option that would serve you best. You want to put your money into developing a home that is the perfect setting for you and your lifestyle. Condos allow you to do exactly that, with very few concerns when it comes to actual costs of maintenance or day-to-day living.

The Difference between Florida Condominiums and Houses

by Admin,Posted on October 31, 2014


Florida Condominiums

If you are considering contacting a Sunny Isles Beach realtor, or another Florida realtor, you might also be considering buying one of the many South Florida condos for sale. Unfortunately, you may have heard of condos, but never lived in one or understand the difference between a condo and a home. There are a lot of differences, but, when it comes to places that experience extreme weather, as Florida sometimes does, some differences are more important than others.

What Is a Condo?

Condos and houses are two completely different structures, but they do share a commonality. You can buy a house outright, just as you can a condo. The difference is in the structure, as well as the responsibilities and guidelines.

A house occupies a piece of land, while a condo occupies a part of a building. While you might own the condo, you don’t own the entire building, which also means you aren’t responsible for the building and grounds. You may still enjoy a beautiful, landscaped yard, but you don’t have to tend to it.

A condo is similar to an apartment, but it is usually of a higher quality than an apartment, simply because it isn’t being turned over by tenants, but occupied by homeowners.

Do Condos Have Restrictions?

Some condos do have certain restrictions, but this should be looked upon as a benefit rather than a nuisance. That’s because you can buy a condo in a community with like-minded individuals. For example, some condos are for adults only. When is the last time you saw a house for sale in a community that was only for adults, other than assisted living for seniors?

Other condos might not allow pets or loud music. That means you never have to put up with neighbors who insist on being irresponsible with their property, pets, or lifestyle choices.

Are Condos More Expensive than Houses?

The answer to this question depends on how you look at it and where you want your money to go. Some people do prefer to pay for a lot of land with a small house on it. Others don’t want the cost of maintaining the land and house, preferring to put their money into amenities inside the home. Obviously, you can set your own limits when it comes to how much you want to spend. Buying a condo just allows you to put more of that money into your lifestyle inside your home rather than exterior maintenance costs.

If you enjoy the freedom of apartment living, but you are tired of paying rent and want something a little more upscale, condos are the perfect option for you. They allow you to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice without some of the responsibilities that can come with a house on a piece of land. You’re still a homeowner; you just don’t have some of the concerns that you would have if you bought a house instead of a condominium. Contact a Sunny Isles Beach realtor today to learn about some of the options you have to choose from when it comes to the guidelines in specific condominiums.

Decorus Owners Discuss Miami Comeback in the Real Estate Market

by Admin,Posted on October 24, 2014


In a recent interview with StevenG, Decorus Realty owners David Koster and Gabriel Markovtich simplify the reasoning behind Miami’s unprecedented recovery from the crash of ’08. Simply put, it’s all about Miami being the place that all kinds of people want to be.

While the rest of the world was floundering as they tried to recover from the crash, Miami saw a different kind of response in realty. South Florida hardly missed a beat. As David Roster describes it, the attraction is all about the weather, the landscape, and the variety of real estate options Florida has to offer. More than that, international buyers still see the U.S. as a safe place to invest. From Sunny Isles condos for sale, to the Turnberry Ocean Colony, Florida truly has something for everyone.

Miami luxury condosDecorating with StevenG

When it comes to Decorus Realty, specifically, you have to hand it to David and Gabriel. They didn’t just open a small real estate company in a moderate office. They launched a real estate giant, with offices being decorated by StevenG from Design TV.

The result?

Although Mr. Koster and Mr. Markovitch joked about the expense, their efforts were well rewarded. The company has grown from 20 brokers to more than 170 brokers, speaking 14 different languages. While the success of Decorus can’t be completely attributed to their office design, the design is a sure indication to real estate investors that Decorus is to be taken seriously in the Miami area. There is no room for half measures and, if you have a need, they will meet it.

As far as the costs of hiring StevenG, those were absorbed within a matter of a few years, but the rewards are still paying off in terms of a solid friendship, and customers who know to whom they can turn when they want their real estate investments and needs taken seriously. 

Diversity in Real Estate

One of the things that makes any company a success is meeting the needs of the community. When your community involves a varied cultural collection, you have to be willing to think beyond one stereotypical client, because that model no longer exists.

It’s not just the language either; it’s the different types of homes Decorus offers. From the smallest cottage to the most posh communities, every client is able to find something that qualifies as their dream home.

More than Real Estate

People come to Miami for a thousand different reasons, some of them having to do with real estate, but not all of them. After all, you can buy land just about anywhere in America. You can buy it complete with a functional home for a fraction of the cost that you used to find on the market. But Florida – and the Miami area, in particular – offers coveted landscapes, oceanside views, and a flourishing diverse cultural aspect. David and Gabriel simply got serious about their desire to market the things that Florida already offered.

Decorus has realized so much success from a can-do, giant-leap business model, that there is talk of expansion. Will the name change? David jokingly says that they considered renaming it the “Epcot Center” because of all the cultural diversity they enjoy, but for all their success and all that they offer, they may as well name it “Dream Machine,” as they help their clients enjoy making their real estate dreams a reality.